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Hillsborough County Democratic Summit Conference @ Greenfield Meetinghouse
Feb 25 @ 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

This winter and upcoming spring, the NHDP staff is hitting the road for thirteen County Summits that will be packed with trainings and discussions relevant to strategic planning for 2018 elections! With more than 50% of statewide local committee officers being new members this year we are traveling the state to provide the training and organizing skills that will lay the foundation for success in 2018. We have the momentum, we are fine tuning our skills, and we are building our capacity in every town and county. Please add the following date to your calendar and RSVP to join us!

NHDP invites all Democrats registered in Hillsborough County to attend.

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FDC Monthly Meeting – Mar 2018 @ George Holmes Bixby Memorial Library
Mar 10 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Community Supper hosted by FDC @ Francestown Community Church
Apr 5 @ 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm



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How To Help

If you are not satisfied with the way things are going in this country, and you’d like to do something to support progressive values, social justice, fiscal responsibility, and good governance, there are many ways you can help make a difference.



  Show up at events and make your voice heard. The need to help politicians and fellow citizens understand where you stand on issues of importance does not begin or end with election day.

  Contact your legislators, governor, and president. Let them know which issues you support or oppose, and why.

  Write letters to the editor. Reach members of your local community via the news.

  Spread the word through social media.

  Knock on doors and speak with voters. Ask them who they support, tell them why you support candidates, and make sure they know where and when to vote.

  Call voters. Ask them who they support, tell them why you support candidates, and make sure they know where and when to vote.

  Help drive voters who need assistance to the polls on election days.



Please donate to the Francestown Democratic Committee via our page at ActBlue.


Join Us

The Francestown Democratic Committee welcomes new members. If you are a resident of Francestown, NH, and are a Democrat or Independent (aka Undeclared) voter who wants to play a bigger role supporting the fight for progressive values and social justice, we welcome you to join us.

Bring us your values, your skills, your ideas for improvement, and your passion to get things done. We’ll find a seat for you at the table.

Monthly meetings are usually held at the George Holmes Bixby Memorial Library at 10 AM on the second Saturday of each month. Be sure to check the Events Calendar for details.

About Us

We are residents of Francestown, NH who are unsatisfied with the status quo.

We believe in government of the people, by the people, and for the people, and we’re not going to stop until we get it.

We hope you’ll join us.


Chair – Sue Jonas

Vice Chair – Eric Rasmussen

Secretary – Ted Graham

Treasurer – Jim Bosman


Finance & Membership

Jim Bosman

Ron Cheney

Sue Jonas

Kevin Pobst

Eric Rasmussen


Ron Cheney

Eric Rasmussen

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News & Events

Gear Up for 2018 at the NHDP Web Store

The NHDP has launched a new web store where you can buy apparel, mugs, buttons, stickers, yard signs, and more.  Now you can help the NHDP raise funds for the coming election and get cool swag to show your sprit! All

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Power to the People (Literally!)

Last September, Puerto Rico was hit by Hurricane Maria, which totally destroyed the electrical systems on the island.  Four months later, nearly half a million people STILL don’t have electrical power.  This affects not just homes, but schools, hospitals, local government,

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Call to Action: Something YOU can do to oppose SB193

New Hampshire Senate bill SB193, aka the “School Voucher” bill, is now very close to becoming a law.  For those not keeping track, this bill will transfer taxpayer money out of public school budgets and into “scholarships” that parents could

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ALERT ON HB372. Coming up fpr a vote by the Senate on Wednesday. Jan 3.  at 10am in SENATE  Chamber. Email or call as many Republican State Senators as you can. Please try to attend the vote. ALERT on SB193.

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The Year Ahead

2018 will be a crucial year for New Hampshire and for the Democratic Party. This year our FDC  efforts will be focused on mobilizing  Democrats and Democratic -leaning Independents to vote in the November 6th MID TERM ELECTIONS, and on

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Alert: SB193 Voucher Bill is Moving Quickly!

Oppose The School Voucher Bill Coming Up For A Vote in Early January In regard to the broadness of student eligibility and a lack of adequate oversight, SB 193, which came out of the House Education Committee with an “ought-

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