Alert: SB193 Voucher Bill is Moving Quickly!

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Alert: SB193 Voucher Bill is Moving Quickly!

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Oppose The School Voucher Bill Coming Up For A Vote in Early January

In regard to the broadness of student eligibility and a lack of adequate oversight, SB 193, which came out of the House Education Committee with an “ought- to pass” recommendation, goes further than the 26 “School Choice” programs now operating in 15 states.

A hotly disputed amount of tax dollars will be funneled away from our NH  public school districts, and a  new private agency to administer the program will receive 5% of the bill’s allocated funds.

House Education Committee Chair Rick Ladd, Governor Sununu, and NH Commissioner of Education Frank Edelblut, are relying  on the “data”  coming out of the Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy, a self- described “free market  think tank” in Concord. They echo the Center’s claims that the financial impact on school districts will be minimal, as only 1% or fewer of our state’s students will apply for Education Freedom Savings Account scholarships. Other studies, such as those referenced by the American Federation of Teachers, and Reaching Higher NH, place the number at anywhere between  3% to 5% of the student population and raise questions about where the funding  to replace lost district  revenues will come from.  Visit the website to view charts showing the projected economic impact on each school district in the state, as the percentage of its students applying for ESAs rises.

Sununu has been touting SB193 as a bipartisan “groundbreaking” educational initiative, when only ONE Democrat  on the House Education Committee  voted in favor of recommending  the bill. The Governor recently replaced  the chairman of the Board of Education, Tom Raffio,  who spoke out against vouchers, and has  systematically  replaced  other Democratic leaning Board members.

Read what Carol Roberts , who represents District 4 in the NH House, has to say about SB193:

“My overall approach to legislation and also the way I like to think I approach my personal life is that the common good is the overriding driver.​

Public libraries and  public schools; health care; and access to local, state and national parks; to name just few things which help level the playing field for all our citizens.

When privatization of institutions such as these becomes the norm, crucial resources become harder for all to access.

Privatization of public institutions usually serves to enrich the already ‘haves’ at the expense of the rest of the population.

SB193 – the” voucher bill”, is a bill that attacks public schools by taking tax dollars and giving the money to private and religious schools.  Technically, this is against our state constitution ,so along the way, under this bill, that money would be sent to an out of state agency to be “laundered “ so that the money doesn’t actually identify as ‘tax dollars’ when it comes back  and is given to the private schools.

The best way to improve our education system is for people to get involved in the system.  Good schools require community support and people who would review the present funding process.”

********************************************************************************************************************Let’s stay informed about SB193, as it progresses through the State House, and let’s do everything that we can to prevent it from being passed .

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