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The Year Ahead

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2018 will be a crucial year for New Hampshire and for the Democratic Party.

This year our FDC  efforts will be focused on mobilizing  Democrats and Democratic -leaning Independents to vote in the November 6th MID TERM ELECTIONS, and on  keeping you informed about important  issues and bills at the State House  that require a rapid response from us.

Our  thanks to Eric Rasmussen. With the guidance of Martin Goulet of the Amherst Democratic Committee, Eric developed and recently launched our new website,, to complement our communications on Facebook.  We will be using our website to send out Action Alerts, and to post talking points and background information on emerging  NH  issues and legislation. This information will bolster your ability to speak and write about issues of high concern. You will also find news postings, information resources, contacts, and a calendar of events.

We will be watching closely the Voucher Bill, SB 193, as it comes up for debate in early January,  and is scheduled for a vote. Check our website regularly for updates regarding on opportunity to voice opposition at hearings in Concord, and instructions for petitions, letters and emails, and phone calls.

We will also be watching House Republican as they try to move HB372 forward. This bill attempts to discourage  NH college students from voting,   with what essentially is  a “poll tax”.

Please contact a member of our Issues Committee if you would like to sign up for Action Alerts to be sent directly to your email address.

A lot will be riding on the MID TERM ELECTIONS, scheduled for Tuesday, November  6th. Every  registered Democrat in Francestown  must be contacted beforehand,  and  personally asked  to show up at the polls or vote with an Absentee Ballot. We’ll need your help to identify Democratic- leaning Undeclared/Independent  voters in Francestown, and to encourage them to vote with us . Please reach out to me if you can volunteer to work in our nine month effort to Get Out The Vote, and turn our town solidly BLUE.

Democrats throughout the state will be working  to motivate enough  New Hampshire voters to hopefully put a Democratic candidate back in the Governor’s Manse, flip the Executive Council (where we are currently out numbered 3 to 2) and pick up enough seats in the State Senate (where Republicans now hold 14 of the 24 seats), to take control. Of the 400 seats in the House, Democrats now hold 175. Winning  another 26 seats will be a challenge in our gerrymandered districts, that were specifically drawn up to favor Republican candidates. Francestown needs to turn out and help District 4 Democrats retain their two seats in the NH House, and help District 38 retain the one Democratic seat we now hold, and pick up the other. We’ll also need to get behind Congresswoman Annie Kuster, and help her return to Washington DC, when she runs for re election in November.

We will require funds, raised through FDC dues and donations, to help cover the campaign costs of our local  candidates, and to help defray the election mailing costs of the  D38 Alliance. Please renew your FDC membership this year, and please consider making an additional donation to the FDC. You can now use the ACT BLUE link on our website to pay your dues and make donations to FDC.