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Power to the People (Literally!)

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Last September, Puerto Rico was hit by Hurricane Maria, which totally destroyed the electrical systems on the island.  Four months later, nearly half a million people STILL don’t have electrical power.  This affects not just homes, but schools, hospitals, local government, access to clean water, the ability to communicate electronically, and more.

There are many reasons why the effort to restore electrical power is taking a long time, but they are not important right now.  What is important is that our fellow U.S. citizens need our help, and there IS something we can do about it.

ReVision Energy, a solar power installer with offices in New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts, is working with a broad coalition of solar installers across the U.S. and parts of Canada, known as Amicus Solar Cooperative, and the non-profit disaster relief organization Amurtel, on a project known as Power On Puerto Rico.  This project will provide portable solar-power systems to communities around Puerto Rico to aid in whatever uses are most pressing, such as charging cell phones, providing rechargeable lighting, and providing water filtration.

The initial three systems are being built by ReVision Energy in their North Andover, MA warehouse.  Much of the labor to assemble these systems will come from volunteers.

The initial goal is to raise $150,000 to produce and deliver the first 10 systems, with the longer-term goal of producing 100 systems.  Because they are able to be towed behind a pick-up truck, these can be redeployed as needed, so these will be useful both now and in the event of power future emergencies.

Please help your fellow citizens in Puerto Rico by donating to this project via the Amurtel website. Be sure to select Puerto Rico as the cause, because they support disaster relief in many areas.  If you prefer to pay by check, or even bitcoin, there are instructions on their website.

Donate here: http://www.amurtel.org/get-involved/donate/

New information: If you’d like to see a live presentation about this project, get some dinner, and donate via a local organization, the Francestown Community Church has decided to sponsor Power On Puerto Rico via a benefit dinner on Saturday, February 17, 2018 at 6:30 PM.  You can find out more on their website at https://www.francestownchurch.org/, or on the front page of the February 2018 issue of The Francestown News, or by calling Cher Barker at 547-6866.

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