The FDC Spring 2018 Newsletter Has Sprouted

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The FDC Spring 2018 Newsletter Has Sprouted

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Thanks to the hard work of Heidi, Jim, Steve, Sue, and others, the FDC Spring 2018 Newsletter is now out.

  • U.S. REP. Anne Kuster shares her position on DACA, and encourages voters to reach out to her on this and other issues.
  • Sue Jonas informs readers about the upcoming Community Supper at the Francestown Community Church, where FDC members will prepare and serve the food, and what charities the money raised and food donations will go to.
  • Heidi¬†Dawidoff writes about how Democrats need to stand up and take action if we want to change the course of the country.
  • Gubernatorial candidate Steve Marchand discusses his plan to address gun violence.
  • Steve Griffon provides an update on SB193, the controversial “School Voucher” bill being considered in Concord.
  • Jim Bosman highlights significant differences in voter participation across age groups, and how increased participation by under-represented groups could alter election outcomes favorably for people who seek to change the current situation.¬† TL/DR: Get out and vote!

As a reminder, you can find back-issues of FDC Newsletters on our home page, under the News & Events section.